The design process, from conception through to your completed garden, consists of the following stages;

  • STAGE 1 – Results in the concept design which consists of the master plan, material palette and planting plan.
  • STAGE 2 – Is detailed design and costing. This stage addresses any resource and / or building consent submissions, construction drawings and working with contractors to price the works as well as the procurement of plants.
  • STAGE 3 – Involves regular site visits once the works begins to ensure the work is completed correctly and to the highest possible standard.
  • STAGE 4 – Ongoing help with garden maintenance as required.

Further detail of each stage is documented below.


The concept design is the master plan for your landscape or garden, and clearly illustrates the proposed hard and soft landscape design. Our design process is laid out as follows. 

•  An initial consultation is arranged with you. This involves meeting you on site and discussing the plans for your property and how you would like to use the garden.

•  A written project brief is then developed as well as a fee proposal for the concept design stage, which is sent to you for approval.

Assuming acceptance of the brief, the concept design work begins, and generally consists of:

•  A detailed site appraisal of the property which involves investigating all the existing vegetation, ground levels, fencing and features. It is in addition to any existing topographical or architectural drawings.

•  The development of the landscape design then begins which consists of hand sketches, CAD layout plans, 3D renderings and design references where appropriate.

•  A detailed planting plan is designed with includes a full plant schedule specifying species, size, quantities and locations. Photographic plant references are also included.  

•  The design presentation is then assembled and results in an A3 booklet which is presented and talked through in person.

•  Following the presentation any changes to the design are made with a final set of plans prepared. 


This stage looks to develop a technical package of works to clearly illustrate the proposed design for contractor costing and Resource and/or Building Consent applications if and as required. The work generally involves the following:

•  The production of detailed technical drawings including layouts, construction details, sections and elevations.

•  Liaison with the local authority or planning consultant with respect to the necessary consent submissions, if needed.

•  The organisation and overseeing of contractor tendering or preferred contractor pricing.

•  Visiting and correspondence with various plant nurseries throughout New Zealand for the procurement of important plant stock.


This stage begins once construction starts on site and involves regular site visits throughout the duration of the project build. Site attendance ensures the best possible finish and high level of detail through clear communication and on site discussions and problem solving.

This stage generally involves the following:

•  Regular site visits which may result in minor drawing revisions as necessary to address construction related issues which arise during the build.

•  Ongoing client, consultant and contractor correspondence.

•  Overseeing all the planting. We always place all of the planting on site in their final positions.


Ongoing visits following the completion of your garden are encouraged to ensure it is settling in as intended and to answer any maintenance questions.

An ongoing relationship makes all the difference towards a healthy and thriving garden. It ensures planting longevity through the changing seasons as the garden grows and develops. If required we can also help by recommending gardeners, or supplying a custom maintenance schedule if you would prefer to do it yourself.