I’ve spent the last three days watching Formula One at the amazing Suzuka race track. I was based in Nagoya which is about 45 mins by train from the track which although it doesn’t sound far I never looked forward to the often cramped return journey.

The weather was beautiful- I even had to buy sunscreen!

I was staying in a bright yellow cylindrical hotel where the rooms were smaller in width at one end- I honestly don’t think I’ve stayed in a smaller room before, I felt like I was living in a cheese triangle.

The famous bento box – dinner most nights after the F1.

 How to visit

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Below is the travel information I followed as supplied by http://www.japan-guide.com/e/e4325.html

Suzuka Circuit is a race track in Mie Prefecture, 50 kilometers south of Nagoya.

By JR and Ise Tetsudo:

The closest railway station to the race circuit is Suzuka Circuit Ino Station, a 10-15 minute walk from the circuit.

The one way journey from Nagoya Station to Suzuka Circuit Ino Station takes about one hour, costs 1040 yen and requires one transfer of trains at Suzuka Station (if you ride a Toba bound rapid train from Nagoya) or Yokkaichi Station (if you ride a Kameyama or Yokkaichi bound local train from Nagoya).

On race sunday, special direct limited express trains named “Suzuka F1” operate between Nagoya Station and Suzuka Circuit Ino Station, taking 40 minutes and costing about 2500 yen one way. Seat reservations are mandatory on these trains.

Note that the Japan Rail Pass covers only part of the journey, since the section between Kawarada and Suzuka Circuit Ino Station is owned by a non-JR railway company. The supplement fee to be paid by pass holders is 300 yen (610 yen in case of a limited express train).